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Superdrug Colour Effects Wash in Wash Out in Warm Copper Gold

17 Jul

This is my favourite hair discovery of the year, and it’s only £1.29 from Superdrug! It’s a wash in, wash out colour boost conditioner in a warm copper tone.


The shade is warm copper gold 7.34, which is a perfect colour for natural redheads and ginger haired girls who want to brighten up their red hair. If you want longer lasting results you’ll need to use a semi or permanent dye, this won’t dye your hair, it just boosts the colour – see How to dye hair red/ginger – but to brightening up your colour this is ideal.

It’s basically like those colour shampoo and conditioners you get, but rather than the usual blonde, brown or red this one’s for GINGERS! You just apply it after you’ve washed your hair, leave it for a while (I leave it on longer than the 5 minutes it suggests) then rinse out. Warning: the water will run orange!

I use it when my permanent tint starts to fade but I don’t have long enough roots to get it re-dyed. It comes in a travel-friendly 75ml size which makes it ideal for holidays and weekends away and it lasts way longer than the 3 washes suggested on the label too.

Rainbow glitter nails

20 Apr

I’m staying in on a Friday night, boo! so I thought I’d make my nails look pretty with my favourite new glitter nails look.


I used MUA nail varnish in shade 4, which I bought from Superdrug for the bargain price of just £1 and Technic rainbow glitter multi sparkle effect nail varnish, which I bought from Amazon. It looks as good as the OPI rainbow collection nail polish that everyone’s gone crazy for but it’s much cheaper.


Get the look

  • Paint two coats of MUA shade 4 all over your nails. It’s a pretty, bright coral  varnish that looks really nice on its own.
  • You have two options for the glitter top coat. Either paint the whole nail with the glitter varnish or just apply a thin slither down the side of each nail.
  • The glitter nail varnish is clear so it acts as a great top coat to keep your nails looking good for longer.


All in all it’s a great look for a tiny price.  Plus the MUA varnish is really tiny, so it’s great for taking on holiday etc.