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1940s make up and hair for redheads

17 Apr

Sorry this has taken a little while but I’ve been a very busy bee this week.

Last week I teamed up with a local photographer for a hair and make up shoot. I had pretty free range over the styling and theme so though 1940s would be a good look. The bright lips look stunning with red hair and I love the strong eyes.

Redhead 1940s

Get the look: 1940s make up
This look is all about the eyeliner and lipstick.
– Apply a neutral shadow over your eyelids
– Apply a gel eyeliner along the upper lid, followed by a thick liquid liner. I used Avon gel liner followed by MUA liquid liner.
– Apply fake lashes. I used Eyelure ‘star’ fake lashes as they give a nice long lash without being too heavy.
– For the lips pencil around your lips using a bright red pencil. I used Collection 2000.
– Use a lip brush to layer a bright red lipstick on your lips.
– Don’t be afraid to add a few layers. Finish with a slick of red gloss.
– Because the eyes and lips are heavy, keep the cheeks very light.

1940s eye make up

redhead make up

Get the look: 1940s hair
Victory rolls: These are easier than they look!
– Take a section of hair that you want to roll up and back comb it on the inside of the roll.
– Roll the hair around your fingers into a big curl and pin along the inside of the curl.
– Spray like crazy with hair spray!
– Repeat on the other side of your hair.
– Curl and pin your fringe
– Loosely curl the remainder of your hair using GHDs or a curling wand.

Let me know what you think! x

1960s make up for redheads

2 Apr Redhead on a swing
Sixties makeup look on a redhead

Sixties make up. Dress by Primark

I tried this look out while I was housebound and in need of cheering up. 1960s make up looks amazing on natural redheads because the stark white and dark work really well with pale skin.  The eyes can be a little tricky because of the amount of eyeliner involved, so take it steady and use a cotton bud to fix any mistakes.

Get the look

  • After using cleansing and moisturising apply your usual foundation and concealer.  A pale ivory foundation works best with the monochromatic eye colours, with a warm peach blush to give some shape to your cheeks.
  • Pencil in your eyebrows with a dark brown pencil if needed.
  • Apply a white or silver eyeshadow over the eyelid and in a line under the lower lashes. I used MUA eyeshadow in 2 Pearl.
  • Apply a thin line of dark blue eyeshadow just a teeny bit above your socket line.  Keep the line thin and strong.
  • Line your upper lashes with a black gel eyeliner, with a slight flick at the end.
  • Using a black liquid eyeliner, draw a line underneath the white eyeshadow beneath the lower lashes.  Take your time and do it in short strokes, drawing a slight flick down at the inner eye. When the liner is dry, use a black kohl pencil to draw tiny fake eyelashes from the line.  Eat your heart out Twiggy! I used Bourjois Noir and Blanc pencil.
  • Use the ‘blanc’ end of the pencil to line the lower waterline with white pencil.
  • Apply thick fake lashes to the upper lid. I used Eyelure ‘star’ fake lashes.
  • You may want to top up the white eyeshadow to make your eyelids stand out more, or use liquid liner to darken some of the eyeliner.
  • Cover lips in a nude lipstick. I used Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in shade 700 Nude Delight.

Redhead 1960s make up

Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your comments or pictures of how it looks on you.