Inspiring redheads: Scarlett Howard, Model and Actress

17 May

Scarlett Howard red hair modelScarlett Howard is a stunning 19 year old redhead model and actress, originally from Essex but currently working in London. When she’s not dazzling London with her stunning red hair and pale skin she’s also busy studying Equine and Business Studies at uni. Scarlett tells us her secrets for baby soft skin and keeping her red hair beautiful…

How did you get into modelling?
I started as a child model, before having a break to focus on school. I decided to start a modelling career at 17, and what started as a hobby quickly turned into my full time job. I was signed to IMM agency in 2011 and Leni’s Models, where I work as a fashion, lingerie and commercial model and actress.

What was your favourite modelling job?
The Select Fashion campaign – the images have been used nationwide in every Select store which was a great achievement. Another job I really enjoyed was acting in the new PayDay UK advert which is due to come out this summer. I play a pilot called ‘Ginger’ and we filmed in a real World War 2 bomber plane, keep an eye out for it!

Scarlett Howard redhead modelWho have you modelled for?
I’ve modelled for companies including Tresemme, Lynx, Harrods, Select Fashion, Britain’s Next Top Model Live, Tigi and TGI Fridays. I’ve also acted in TV and internet commercials for Skyn Condoms, Payday Uk, Blackberry Mobiles, and ‘New!’ magazine. I hope to further my career mainly in acting – I’m lucky to have worked for such big companies so far.

What’s the best thing about modelling?
The best thing is it doesn’t feel like work. Every day’s different and always fun. I get to meet lots of interesting people from different walks of life, whom I learn a lot from. I also get to travel as part of my job, and see places that I wouldn’t normally see. I’m very thankful to be doing my dream job and am loving every step of the way.

Scarlett Howard ginger lingerie modelScarlett Howard ginger model

What’s the best thing about being a redhead?
Being different from the norm! It’s always good to stand out; every redhead’s unique in their own way. We are fiery and feisty and make being pale cool again!

How do you keep yourself looking so good?
My skin is ultra sensitive so rich moisturisers, cleanser and toners are a no-go, along with heavy makeup, face creams and washes. After much trial and error and wasting money on expensive products, I’ve cut all fragranced or coloured facial products out. I wash my makeup off with Johnson’s baby shampoo which doesn’t sting my eyes, and removes even waterproof mascara but leaves your face literally as soft as a baby’s bottom! I then moisturise with Aqueous Cream, which is water-based, ultra simple and cheap! Lastly, I use a dab of Sudocrem, on blemishes and spots which works better than any spot/blemish remedy or tea-tree oil I’ve used. This keeps my skin perfect; it’s definitely an advantage having a baby sibling around! Also protecting fair skin from the sun is extremely important for redheads, pale and beautiful is the way forward!

20120517-075306.jpgWhat are your favourite redhead make up products?
My favourite make up is MAC. I use a MAC Sheer pressed powder in NC40 as my everyday foundation, which is light, natural and minimal. Less is more on redheads’ skin – we’re so pale and porcelain, orange foundation is a no-no! MAC mascaras are also my favourite, as well as dark red lipsticks like MAC amplified lipstick in Dubonnet which gives a gothic yet striking look with my red hair and pale complexion.

What are your favourite hair products?
Trevor Sorbie curl cream for naturally curly hair helps keep my curls defined and less frizzy on the days I decide to go natural and curly. I also love Vo5’s ‘Give Me Texture’ oomph powder, which creates volume and texture at the roots, perfect for when volume is needed when backcombing for glamorous waves and up-dos!

Which redheads inspire you?
I was horrified to find out that most of my redhead celebrity idols are not natural! But it has to be ‘Ginger Spice’, Geri Halliwell, who made a statement being so successful with her hair colour as her main asset and name! I love redhead actress Marcia Cross as she’s stylish, elegant and classy with the most vibrant gorgeous hair! She inspires me by being such a successful actress. I also love the cartoon character ‘Jessica Rabbit’, the perfect execution of a gorgeous redhead, even if she isn’t real!

Thanks Scarlett! You can follow Scarlett on Twitter: @scarlettshoward

2 Responses to “Inspiring redheads: Scarlett Howard, Model and Actress”

  1. abip1907 18/05/2012 at 10:10 am #

    gorgeous girl – gorgeous hair!

    • IntoTheRed 19/05/2012 at 7:57 am #

      So stunning, wish I looked like Scarlett!

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