Rainbow glitter nails

20 Apr

I’m staying in on a Friday night, boo! so I thought I’d make my nails look pretty with my favourite new glitter nails look.


I used MUA nail varnish in shade 4, which I bought from Superdrug for the bargain price of just £1 and Technic rainbow glitter multi sparkle effect nail varnish, which I bought from Amazon. It looks as good as the OPI rainbow collection nail polish that everyone’s gone crazy for but it’s much cheaper.


Get the look

  • Paint two coats of MUA shade 4 all over your nails. It’s a pretty, bright coral  varnish that looks really nice on its own.
  • You have two options for the glitter top coat. Either paint the whole nail with the glitter varnish or just apply a thin slither down the side of each nail.
  • The glitter nail varnish is clear so it acts as a great top coat to keep your nails looking good for longer.


All in all it’s a great look for a tiny price.  Plus the MUA varnish is really tiny, so it’s great for taking on holiday etc.

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